Broadway Auto Care is a locally owned and operated family business. From the day we opened for business we’ve had a simple philosophy: To provide customers with top-quality service at affordable prices.  At Broadway Auto Care, our customers are treated as if they were friends or family, because in a small community, chances are, they are one or both. Broadway Auto Care has always been known for high quality service.

At Broadway Auto Care, customers can take confidence in the work being done on their automobiles. All work done on any vehicle is performed by a qualified ASE Auto Technician. Broadway Auto Care’s management encourages and pays for all training and testing of the technician staff to keep them current and “up to speed” on new, state of the art technology. And at Broadway Auto Care, our customer database provides computerized service histories for all vehicles serviced or repaired and also provides the customer with reminder postcards as well as e-mail reminders.


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